Jan.7, 2000 - Dec. 31, 2012

Our beautiful, brave Greyhound left us on New Year's Eve after a battle with bone cancer. Sally was a "Millenium Puppy." She came to us at 18 months. Sally's racing name, we found out later, was Rare Treasure. If any name would've suited her better, it would've been "Tiny But Tough". She was a little miracle dog who survived many medical events. From the start, we noticed how, when Sally had "had enough," eg. got too hot on a walk, she'd go on strike, laying down until she was ready. She loved taking dips in fountains. A shy dog, she'd let folks know if they were being too forward. This was sometimes difficult for me, but she mellowed with age. And she became a marvelous family dog when our daughters arrived.

Her family, including Dave, Tammy, Stephanie and Erin, and her devoted Granny and Grampa, and their dog Canter, will miss her beautiful smile. Her horse, Lyric, will also miss her, as he counted on her to be brave when he wasn't feeling that way.

See you at the Bridge, my sweet dog, tell Cleo and Tazzie I love them too and someday we'll have a fabulous pack reunion.