About The Artist

These designs are all original.

They are the products of years of work, sketches, inspirations, sometimes beginning life on a napkin, sometimes from say, a tattoo that I mistook for a horse, then thought yeah but it'd be cool if...!

My initial concept was that I would have the iconic presentation of the breeds and the disciplines (the Quarter Horse, the Dressage horse etc.) and I have many of those, but...

Interacting with folks at tradeshows, I realized that the best-sellers where actually the more general/design ones. Of course lots of people looking for "a reiner" but the majority of people were responding to the design-centered ones, that were maybe more general, but more original. I realized that this was fabulous news, because that is exactly what I enjoy doing!

We horsemen/women are involved in some very different aspects of the equine industry, but we are all united by the love of this amazing creature.

I have some core principles, one of which is as above, original design work.

2) to be as environmentally sound as I can with regard to the entire process, from production to packaging.

3) to develop quality products. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it well, and this decal is going to last you 12 years, not 3 months!!

4) I want you to be absolutely thrilled. If you are not, I want to know about it, thank you for sharing how I can do better.

5) Shamelessly horsey !! Don't like it? Go somewhere else :-)

Meeting customers in person has been a fantastic experience. So many friends, we are so connected. I love every aspect of this business - from concepts to creating the decals, to packaging and posting. I thank you for your interest, and wish you and your horses the best.