Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

Download a printable pdf of these instructions

The surface and air temperature should be at least 10deg C (50deg F)
Use a pencil, pen, or marking tape, to mark the decal location on the application surface.
Place decal facing up on table or hard surface. Rub over surface with your hand or a credit card, to ensure the decal sticks well to the application tape.
Clean the surface well. Wiping the surface with rubbing alcohol is recommended to get rid of any residual oils (test an inconspicuous area first).
Slowly remove the backing. If any parts of the decal stick to the backing, put the backing back down and press to re-attach it to the application tape.
Align the decal with your mark on the surface, and apply it, inside first, moving outward.
Rub over the decal to ensure good adhesion.
Carefully remove the application tape. If bubbles appear: press them out to the edge with a fingernail. Bubbles away from an edge can be punctured with a pin and flattened.
Cold climate tip for windows: apply the decal to the inside of the window to protect it against damage by your frost scraper.
Decals can be removed at any time - heat with a hair-dryer, and peel off.

Note: I don't do installations myself. You do have the option of having your local automotive shop look after the installation - cost is not prohibitive.