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How do I install a decal?
The decals are easy to apply yourself. They come with application instructions.
  1. The surface and air temperature should be at least 10 degrees C (50 degrees F).
  2. Clean the surface well.
  3. Decide on final placement of the decal. Make pencil lines or line up some masking tape at the edges, to mark the exact location.
  4. The decal comes sandwiched between it’s backing and it’s application tape (mask). Turn the decal face-down and remove the backing slowly. Check that the decal is sticking to the mask, if any parts stick to the backing, put the backing back down and press to re-attach it to the mask.
  5. Align the mask with your marks on the surface, and apply it, inside first, moving outward. Rub over the decal to make sure it's sticking well.
  6. Peel off the mask. Your beautiful decal is left behind!

Are the decals removeable/can I re-use it?
No, the decals want to stick, and to remove them you will have to destroy them.

How do I remove an old decal?
The key to removing an old decal is heat. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the vinyl, until it can be peeled off - possibly with the help of a surface-friendly scraper. If the decal has been there longer than a year, it will likely leave some glue behind. You can use a solvent but an inexpensive, easy and eco-friendly dissolver is...vegetable oil! No lie, it is great.

Do you do installations?
No. For the most part, you can do as good a job yourself. If you would like, an auto-body shop can do this for a fee.

How long will this last?
The vinyl is the best that can be bought: 12 years. Statistically, it will outlast your vehicle.

Should I put this on the inside, or on the outside of my window?
It's up to you! In colder climates, where a decal might be damaged by an ice scraper, it might be better to put it on the inside. If the glass is darkened, you must put it on the outside...it will look *fabulous*

Do you do bigger sizes?
Yes! The cutter will do up to 24 inches high. The possible length is virtually unlimited, since the vinyl comes in 50 yd rolls.

How much do you charge for a custom size?
Roughly $20 per square foot.

Can I give you my logo?
Absolutely! I appreciate a vector image file, but we can work with most anything.

Can I get this design on a t-shirt? What about an indoor wall decal?
The designs can be cut in "Heat Transfer Vinyl" that can be ironed on to any garment. Also available is a matte-finish, water-based adhesive/low tack vinyl that is beautiful as a wall decal. The prices are similar to the regular outdoor vinyl. Let me know what you're after and I will send a quote.