Website Links

In the grand old tradition of websites: some external resources.
Equimage Designs on Etsy
Etsy is the handmade marketplace online. They have a great interface, and Equimage has a shop!

The SketchDaily Reference doohickey
Looking for something to draw?

American Academy of Equine Art
Dedicated to promoting and sharing representational art that celebrates the horse in sport and life. Galleries and workshops at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Cross Gate Gallery
Lexington Kentucky gallery for lovers of horse art

Equis Art Gallery
Gallery in Red Hook New York, owned by Juliet R. Harrison, Fine Art Photographer and Director of the Ex Arte Equinus, International equine art competition

Kamloops Arts Council
Connecting creative communities. Local Kamloops heroes!

Fiona Neal Abstract Artist
Brilliant abstract intuitive paintings.

Shannon Ford Art
Animal and equine art, often incorporating gemstone powders.

Townsend Equine Health Research Fund
I have a few designs that are dedicated to lost, loved equines. Proceeds from these are donated to this organization. Sometimes, I will ask that rather than pay me for my services, a client donate to colic research, and this is a worthy fund.

Hayburner Haven
A horse rescue that does an A1 job

Greener Pastures Standardbred Rescue
Finding forever homes for retired race horses.

Greyhound Pets, Inc
Finding forever homes for retired greyhounds.

Okanagan School of Natural Hoof Care
A barefoot trimming and hoof care school based in Kelowna BC Canada.

Animal Food Bank
Working to end food insecurity for pets in need.